Is it too hard to stay alive ?

What you think about it? Is it really hard to live?

People who want to live , who want to see the world with full of their hearts. People who want to grab everything no matter it’s happiness or sadness, ‘You wouldn’t believe they have limited time to live’ they want to live more but life have a some other plan for them. They want to love, work , fulfil the dream of family but you know they can’t, they are suffering with incurable disease.

Now I thought Is it right that if you are not blessed with something then only you know the real value of that?

Why am I talking about these things ?

you know can’t understand why people committed suicide they have a healthy life they can do anything. They don’t need to beg for life they are blessed. Not talking about their situation, problem and all. Just they are blessed with the beautiful life.

“You what hurts most ‘when you know you are going to die in a months or week still you have to live”
a unknown fear to losing everything in a second. You don’t know when you are going to close your eyes for forever. You will get this opportunity to open your eye again or it’s your last chance.

Every time asking with doctor ” I want to live more for my family, for my loved one”.

“And one day thet just close their eyes and get out of everything” You know everyone feel proud with wet eyes and address them with fighter.

Here is Term suicide most popular term among young generation who have only one solution for all theirs problem.

The point is If your loved ones left you in between of your journey It hurts you , right? So, why you left your life in between. You have be loyal with your life,

I know problems are part of life and you can cope up with the things sooner or later you will fix everything but for that you have to live.

People think after your suicide everything will be changed. No, Man you don’t know how your family gonna survive. You are being a brand ambassador to those who want to quiet their life just because of problem.

I just want share a story here: I have not so many friends with whom I can talk. I just have 2 friend with whom I can talk. You would not believe my phone not ring for a month except customer care. I am not receiving any message on whats app except office group message.

Sometime I feel alone , some time having self doubt Am I not socially fit ? But I have found so mny things to do reading , writing and so on. Now, I don’t care if someone call me or not message me or not.

So story is one of my close friend committed suicide before this we have talked more than one hour on phone. His name was Abhishek (He is one of the best person I have ever met) passionate to be a lieutenant coronal. We prepared for NDA , We cleared the exam and get ssb .

I was medical out because I have colour blindness. He conference out more than 5 time. We used to talk he told me about their insecurities as he lived with his uncle and want to help his parents to be financial independent.

I received a call He was very upset and I consoled him and tell everything is going to be fine Don’t worry It’s just a tuff phase. He said sometime I feel I should die.

I just talked to him and after some deep conversation on life I can say lecture on life hew was happy. After two day I have to go to Bengal (barrekpur) for my Air force paper.

In morning we talk more than one hour as I was going to exam centre after that I submitted my phone and get free after 8pm. Then I Got train form Sealdah railway station (Kolkata) To Howrah.

I reached my hotel and then I call him someone picked the call and said He is no more. Then try to know what happened got to know that he committed suicide. That was the lowest point of my life.

I know he was fighting with so many things but that not a way to get rid of the problem.

I just want to say one thing to you. Yes , to you who are reading this. Never Quit in between, you know so many life connected with you . Belive me you can change any thing , can make worst into good. Just give time to everthing, everthing need time to fix up.

“To quit in between not a option”

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