Is Pain Good For Health ?

People always saying pain is not good for health . You should be happy all the time. I think it’s not always necessary to be happy sometime a sweet pain give you a way to know more about yourself than before.

Pain is always a good tool to look into yourself. To find something new, to see what you are missing in your life. With the help of pain you can make yourself worth for someone who is more valuable , more singinificant, more jenuine and apart from this eagarly waitinng for you.

Always hold someone’s hands who want to walk with you not only a destination but whole destination of their life.

You know ‘Why most reletionship doesn’t work’.

“IN RELATIONSHIP” word is something if you does not hold this tag then you would be considered as primitive (i don’t know why but i have seen this).

But have you ever thought, what is most important things in a relatiopship? That is compatibility.

Today’s people are looking for materialistic compatibity than emotional. Parents are feeling proud to manage a groom for their daughter who is officer or a NRI or a well settled guy. But have you thought apart from this materialistic things like, Is she be happy with him?

I completely agree money is important for a standard lifestyles but Is money only necessary to live a good life? I found “NO” not at all. If money is everthing so why so many divorced happening in elite class people. They have everything , ofcourse money too. Ideally they should be happy but they are not.

Question is WHY? And then answer is same “compatibility”

I know it’s quite hard to find someone who is compatible to you but Don’t do anything just work hard on yourself , keep patience and just wait for the best you deserve in your life.

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