What Is Emotional Dependency?

What is emotional dependency?

When it feels as if you can’t live without the other person, it is emotional dependency

Emotional dependency is one of the most untouched topics among us. because it is a very vast topic to be covered. when you search on google you get to know, ” Emotional dependency is when a woman or men allow others (like a significant other) to affect their feelings and emotions, and depends on them for happiness, etc. … This is different from having a balanced relationship”.

Emotional dependency can destroy you. most of the people believe it is just about a relationship. No, you are totally wrong, Emotional dependency towards your goal, relationship,  person, success, failure or anything hurt you.

In the relationship

when you have fallen in love with someone. you are not perfect and the person standing front of you is also not perfect .you have to compromise accept good qualities of each other . here I am just trying to say you both are perfect together no one is great. But when your happiness , your mind controlled by your partner or when your partner action started hurting you that is emotional dependency. Because you are totally controlled by that person .their all action hurt you. Remember one thing you can not convince anybody to love you.

In success or failure

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said “If you fail never give up because FAIL means First Attempt in Learning”

when you emotionally depends towards your goal . all the failure hurt you. the world is full of opportunity, grab that opportunity and move on in your life.

Example of my life

I am taking my example I wanted to join the defense academy or merchant navy. I am very clear about my goal. I have appeared in exam hopefully, I have cleared all the exam and sponsored by one of the topmost merchant navy company London maritime. But after few days i get to know that I am a color blind person. I really depressed because I emotionally connected towards my goal and that’s hurt me.

Knowing that I am a color blind person. I used to Attempt all the defense exam and hopefully successfully cleared now this success hurts me. now I have a different plan for my life and I am happy with that.So the idea is don,t get emotionally depends on anything.

Most of us do not see the problem coming until it has a firm hold on us.

How to get rid of the emotional dependency

1.    Identify your fear. Most of the time, feelings of neediness or dependence are rooted in fear. …

2.    Learn to live alone. …

3.    Make a good observation. …

4.    Stop trying to control others. …

5.    Believe that no one is permanent…

6.    Love yourself….

7.    Believe you are unique…

8.    Learn To Recognize Your Own Emotions. …

9.    Do what you love. …

10.    Listen to the person standing in front of you…

11.    Think Of Your Core Values. …

12.    Maintain Your Own Passions. …

If you learn self-control, you can master anything

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