Love vs Attraction

Happiness can exist only in acceptance

In simple word, we can say – attraction is the temporary love but love is the permanent attraction
But most of the people are confused with this word. Most of the person thinks both are the same.
People, who believe to change their shelter (life partner or love ) in every season, how they get to know what is true love?
For them, everything is equal because for them love is the only goal, not a destination. people can set their goal again. but who believe love is a destination they know the feeling and emotion of love.

What is the Language of love?

We all heard one thing that love has no language. I am totally agree with this because . if a person cannot understand your gesture, how they get to know your word.

“Love is a beautiful communication between eyes”

Because people with a different cast, religious and culture love each other. Even they don’t know about their culture, language, and tradition. But they are happy, you know why?

because they have an understanding in between.
That’s why the first thing you should search in your partner is understanding and respect.

Respect is not one-way things like communication, if you give respect you get it back.Because all the goods or bad you put in the world come back to you.

Sign of a true love

relationship goal

If people can understand you. Before uttering any word they can know your emotion.
You always listen people should have to wear a smile on their face, even it is fake because it gives positive vibes. if they can understand the pain of your smile that is actually love.

It is very hard to find but you can find god if you search with heart this is just a love.
When that kind of person came in your life just hold him, because good people are just like mercury if you hurt them they don’t say any word just go out of your life silently.

What to do if someone not understands your love?

To like someone is not mistaken because it’s your choice but in this choice, don’t expect anything from anyone because you don’t know that the person who is standing in front of you love you are not.
Because everyone has a right to choose a person with whom they want to go ahead.
Sometimes letting go is better than holding on, if you think continuously commenting one them or teasing with your text make you cool. so you are wrong.
Make yourself valuable, if someone left you to let them go because they don’t belong to your future.
You can not make agree anyone stay with you.

“Love is choice not agreement”

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  1. Arjun Bhatt says:

    True broπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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