looks-matter-in-love-or-notLooks matter in love or not?
Today’s we are going to discuss the most debatable topic, I guess in the world that looks matter in love or not.
In general, if we are talking about most of the country fighting against racism. If we are talking about America (America because this is most developed and powerful country in the world), They are also fighting with the curse of racism. If we want to divide the world in the two categories first one is a white man and black man OR smart people, ugly people, without any doubt we can divide the world in two categories
But our topic is looks matter in love or not? So we will focus on that topic only.
Most of the people are saying when you fall in love with someone looks, height, age, and money doesn’t matter, but don’t be stupid with this type of talks because everything matter in love. This type of talks are only likely to be listen, but when it comes to you-you simply denied to have this. But according to me(maybe you don’t agree with me) If you love someone, beauty doesn’t matter Because love is more beautiful in itself, If someone is attracted to your beauty That means there is no love.
Love can be your life, not your need.
Love happens without any condition, if there is any condition that means it is your business not love. People are trying to impress their love, if you are trying to get your love that’s means there is no love. Love is just like a running water no one can stop it.
According to me nowadays love is just a passion more than a feeling. It is a race of superiority, having a girlfriend/boyfriend makes you the coolest person among your friends and colleagues. What I see today is that generation only wants to be cool or stored by being in a relationship which might last for few months or weeks.
Most of the girls even boys always saying that I want a girl or boy who have a golden heart, beauty doesn’t matter for me, they are doing this in front of people just because they want to flaunt themselves as a glorified soul.
But genuinely (by the self observation), when a person comes to have them with the good heart (here good heart means, no expectation just love. No insecurity just love) they refused and just trying to have this good heart in their friend zoned not in their life. That time they forgot every intellectual talks that they are saying to glorify their soul.
Advice to friend zoned person.
Never be a toy for anyone, who can play you in their free time the more you will be available for everyone, the more you will be considered as a stupid. I know it hurts when you realized
you are not important to someone as you thought you were. But you feel really good with the mind when you get rid out of this.
Why looks matter in love?
Because Today’s love is not love. It’s just a craze that is running in the people’s mind. And everyone wants to be cool and stud among his or her friends. When you have a good looking boy as your boyfriend (vice-versa). that stands you out among your friends. Evezn your boyfriend or girlfriend always hurting you (after all you are their property now) and you can’t do anything because that particular person is your so-called “ love.”
So they have the authority to do anything. And people are always saying, I have self-respect (but in love, self-respect is nothing) and I have to maintain this but when it comes to maintaining. Their self-respect becomes their weakness they consider their self- respect as their ego and think that everything wrong happens in my relationship that is just because of me.
But when a good guy care you. Always trying to maintain your smile, makes you feel better. He can do anything to maintain your self-respect, maintain the glory of your heart.
That time you consider him as a stupid, as an irritating person.
Before a decade, people loved and they do everything to have their love. Because they loved each other. they separate only because of luck (that separation, we called “Judai”). But in modern times, when people are separated with each other, we called it breakup (this separation is called pre-planned separation).
looks matter just because when a person sees another person how they can judge, how much good heart you have. They always go by beauty.
In the love beauty is primary things and heart is secondary. so if you are thinking that the world always considered a good heart(many people consider but that time you have to have in an authority) so maybe you are wrong. because people have a dual personality. people say something else and their action is totally different.
Just get rid out of this type of fake relationship. Find your true love, who die on your heart, not on your beauty. Beauty is temporary, but the heart is permanent. When a true love come across you, just hold it because fake things you will find again and again but true love always comes silently,
Never try to test good people (because in case of fake people you didn’t do this) because good people are like mercury. when you hit them, they will not break, they just slip away from your life silently.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the person who is observing gets to decide what is beautiful.
A common saying is “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means beauty doesn’t exist on its own but is created by observers.
I think now “God should not make good heart anymore because people like the beauty of face more than the beauty of the heart.
Beauty doesn’t last forever, but a beautiful personality does.

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