What Is Love For Today’s Generation?

toady’s love is just a love or something else we are going to discuss over it

What is love people just say only one thing that “love is blind “.yes,it is.because

First of all when you see a good looking boy/girl you make them your crush or your dream. But throughout looking for his/her and dreaming for his/her ;have u ever thought that you know Actually nothing about your crush. Thus some people call love is blind.

According to me now a days love is just a passion more than a feeling . It is a race of superiority , having girlfriend /boyfriend makes you the coolest person among your friends and colleagues. What I see today is that,generation only wants to be cool or stud by being in a relationship which might last for months or week.. If you haven’t not girlfriend people think you are uncivilized that’s why you have no girlfriend. I think today it is a running 🏃 trend, if you want to be cool and stud so you should have a girlfriend.

They are always trying to make their image but they don’t know Fake people have a image to maintain, real people just don’t care about it.

And you should know one thing nothing hurt more in this world than a pretentious and fake love .

You always trying to change yourself and more important your good habit, just because you fall in love with someone ,you doesn’t know how he/she is.

You are changing yourself just because you think the second name of love is sacrifice; if you think so, you are a fool.

I agree she /he is your need but not everything. You deserve much better in your life.

Some people think, the second name of love is ‘physical realation’ sorry to say but people think so.

Being a biological physical realation is erge of your body .but you can’t spoil him/her life under the tree of love just because it is demand of body. You need to change your mind. You should know Love is emotional process, compatibility is a logical process.

To admire the beauty of someone is good. But if you are going to do research or PhD😀 on his/her beauty ,so please stop.

And you know it is possible to fall in love with somebody who doesn’t treat us well, who make us feel worse about ourselves, who doesn’t hold the Same respect for us .

And it is also possible to fall in love with somebody who can spoil our happiness.

It is possible to fall in love with someone who has different ambition OR life goal that are contradictory to our own.

I am not saying, you should not fall in love with someone. I am just saying that you have no right to play with the emotions of any person just because of your own need.

People says that we are loving each other .we have good memories with each other. now he /she saying,.I am leaving you because I think you are not a girl/boy that I deserve .if you know that he /she is not a person that you deserved so why you fallen in love with him /her. That’s mean you never fallen in love, you just used your mind on behalf of love for your need. To be continued

Love is God, God is love,but love should be true

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  1. Nidhi says:

    Keep it up. Awesome


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