Problem faced by a talkative person


we are going to discuss about what types of problem faced by a talkative person.

We have been taught in school, that to be the part of this society, it is necessary to interact with everyone around you.

A person should be talkative enough that he/she can interact with anyone but sometimes people find you irritating, which is not actual intention of your. You just wanted to be the part of society ,you just being talkative to join the world.

I am talking about people like me. Who love to talk! Yes, we just love it.

We can’t stay quiet and we keep on entertaining other with our continuous chit-chat. But this awesome quality of ours, comes with a lot of problems.but who cares that, I believe if it is the only quality that not every other person have.

Guys, let me explain a story (real story) that was faced by me. One day I was just sitting with my friends and there were other people too around us . All were busy talking to each other.

To check the people’s reaction over talkativeness. That time i became more talkative person that I’m not actually.

You all will be surprised to know the reaction of people who was sitting around me that time, each and every person around me started yelling at me they made me feel as if I was the worst person among them believe me at that time I was embarrassed but actually it was happen.

Some people said you are not good as a person because you are so talkative.

Leave it guys, i just want to say one thing to all of you. I genuinely think you have a bright 🔆 future if you have power to interact with people and World.

One day you will see that everyone will be silent in front of you and they will looking for your word.That time your word Will treasure and pleasure for others. I strongly recommend you

Never change yourself for anyone if that is good.

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  1. Nidhi says:

    Keep it tup

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